HR workload and happiness levels soar

HR professionals have seen their workload increase more than any other profession, along with their happiness, a survey has found.

The Happiness at Work Index by international recruitment consultancy Badenoch & Clark found 88% of personnel managers had seen their workload grow, with a quarter claiming it added the equivalent of an extra day per week.

Nearly one in three (29%) has handed in their resignation due to rising workloads, although nearly as many are instead choosing to delegate more tasks to deal with the situation.

Over half (56%) of HR professionals were less confident about their career than they were at the start of the year, the largest percentage of any type of employee polled.

Yet nearly 94% of personnel managers say they’re happy with their role, up from 76% just three months ago.

Allison Gray at Badenoch & Clark, said: “The results are particularly revealing for HR workers. It seems the job is becoming very labour intensive. When it comes to career prospects, confidence is dropping fast.”

“The key message for employers is to not misread the unprecedented high levels of happiness for long-term genuine engagement. HR as a profession is facing some very serious challenges at the moment, and employers need to be seen to be tackling those challenges head on. If that doesn’t happen, employers leave themselves open to losing a lot of their best talent.”

The quarterly survey polled 1,086 UK workers.

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