Human resources professionals earning up to £140,000 a year

Human resources professionals can earn an annual salary of up to, and in some cases exceeding, £140,000, according to a new salary survey.

Figures outlined in a 2008 Salary Survey conducted by recruiter FSS, found that HR directors in the private sector picked up an average salary of £100,000 in the capital against £80,000 in the Thames Valley region.

In the public sector, salaries for the same positions dropped to an average of £70,000 and a maximum of £100,000.

HR managers working in London take home an average of £50,000 in the private sector, against £42,000 in the public sector, according to FSS.

According to its clients, the greatest HR challenge is improving performance and leadership management, followed by retention, implementing cultural change and recruitment.

Jo Davies, associate director of FSS HR, said: “It certainly seems as though 2008 is set to be a strong one for HR. Companies are offering highly competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain the best talent in both the public and private sectors – those candidates with in-demand experience will almost certainly continue to be courted by several potential employers.”

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