Cross row British Airways check-in clerk loses religious discrimination case

A British Airways (BA) check-in clerk who claimed she was religiously discriminated against for wearing a crucifix on a necklace has lost her case.

Nadia Eweida was suspended in September 2006, after she refused to conceal a small crucifix at her post at Heathrow Airport, claiming it was her human right to express her faith by having the crucifix on display. She returned to work in February 2007 after BA revised its uniform policy.

Eweida claimed discrimination on the grounds of her religion and had sought £20,000 in back pay and compensation from the airline. She said that she turned down £8,500 from BA to settle out of court.

The employment tribunal said that Eweida, an evangelical Christian of Anglo-Egyptian origin, had breached the firm’s regulations without good cause.

The policy at the time required that jewellery be worn only if it could be hidden from view.

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