IIP model aims to help develop future leaders

Investors in People has launched a new leadership and management framework
to encourage organisations to develop more effective leaders for the future.

Ruth Spellman, chief executive of IIP, said the new model would improve
productivity throughout the workforce by ensuring companies invest in future

It covers issues including leadership, management selection, work culture
and how to create an environment that develops successful managers.

"It helps organisations create their own blueprint for cultivating best
management practice. This is not only of fundamental importance to management,
but to all employees as good leadership creates a more productive work
environment," said Spellman.

Research by the IIP, published to coincide with the launch of its new
leadership and management initiative, finds 85 per cent of young professionals
would like to move into management but less than half feel their employer
encourages them.

The poll of 1,000 staff aged under 25 shows only 52 per cent are satisfied
with their career development, while 34 per cent feel the only way to progress
is to change jobs.


Need to know – Investors in People: management research

85 per cent       aspire
to be managers

52 per cent       are
satisfied with career development

34 per cent       feel
they have to get a new job to gain the promotion they deserve

40 per cent       are
dissatisfied with their current job

44 per cent       believe
their employer ensures the right people get to management level

49 per cent       believe
their employer promotes people on merit

21 per cent       aim to
reach director level or above

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