GMB union dubbed ‘worst employer’

GMB union has been branded as one of ‘the worst employers in the country’ in
today’s Independent.

general workers union is alleged to have spent £4m on employment tribunals and
associated costs in the past six years over allegations of unfair dismissal,
bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination on the grounds of race, gender
and disability.

newspaper’s allegations are said to involve several high-ranking officials.

the GMB must have been the subject of more individual grievances than any
organisation in the country. This union must rank among the worst employers in
the country," the Independent reported.

in response to the newspaper’s claims, the union said that all allegations
against senior officials had been investigated by the union’s internal
complaints procedure and in "a handful of cases" by employment

but a handful of cases have been settled or withdrawn with out any negative
finding against the union. We will always investigate thoroughly any allegation
brought to our attention," a GMB spokesperson said.

union is in the midst of its election for general secretary as current head
John Edmonds is stepping down.

By Paul Nelson

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