Importance of HR role is recognised at last

The latest survey results on HR
jobs bring good news for the profession – or at least to the most skilled
practitioners. Top HR people are in greater demand than ever and companies are
prepared to pay big salaries to attract them, according to the latest survey of
advertised HR jobs by SSP. One HR director says that there are organisations
offering up to £200,000 to attract the right HR director. HR professionals have
reacted to their increasing marketability by changing jobs more often, chasing
higher salaries and greater challenges.

This is a situation
that HR directors have been aware of for some time but the latest figures
should add weight to their arguments in the boardroom that if you want to
attract the most talented HR people you have to offer salaries to match that

It is great news for
the most able practitioners, those who are truly making a difference in their
organisations. Of course, you’re more likely to be able to command a big salary
if you work in the South East or in professional services, IT or the finance

We should remember,
too, that there is likely to be a slowdown in the growth of HR jobs and pay as
the recession begins to bite, as there will be in every other profession too.

There are, of course,
two sides to every story. While it is good news for ambitious HR professionals that
their skills carry a high price tag, the high turnover of HR staff is creating
problems for those who have the task of replacing departing colleagues.

On the whole, though,
the news is positive, and the latest indication that the HR profession has come
of age. Perhaps businesses are finally learning that you can’t run a successful
enterprise simply by scrutinising the numbers on the balance sheet.

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