Improve the customer experience – and boost the bottom line

A new 9-Step Guide showing strategies to help HR support staff, retain customers and improve financial results is being issued by New Wave Learning.  New Wave Learning logo 85x60

The Paper, entitled Improve the customer experience – and boost the bottom line discusses the issues surrounding customer retention and provides practical steps to support employees so they can perform their jobs in a more effective way.

‘Improve The Customer Experience’ lists 9 steps to achieve best practice, addressing the customer retention points of pain businesses feel on a daily basis.

Colin Terry, Managing Director of New Wave Learning, explains, “Businesses today face constant demand to drive sales, retain customers and hit ever increasing targets.  But behind these pressures, businesses also need to use and implement the best IT systems, help staff to perform at optimum levels, choose between the immediate demands of training and fulfilling customer requests, enable employees to learn quickly ‘Internet search style’ and ensure the business gets the most out of new technologies, without crippling training budgets. 

“It’s a dog eat dog world and if you don’t get the strategies right, then you make your own job harder.  We’re implementing new ways of learning to ensure that our customers’ business goals are reached that much quicker.”

The ‘9 Steps’ show how to help employees help customers resulting in bottom line success.   They centre around ‘moment of need learning’, where employees develop skills and access relevant information quickly to provide a richer customer experience.

Information is delivered to employees’ desktops quickly at their ‘moment of need’ and in context with their current job.  This type of ‘Performance support’ solution can help with both product and process knowledge, enabling employees to access all need-to-know information at a press of a button.

New Wave Learning’s Terry adds, “The process leads customers to believe employees can answer any query instantly, yet it also helps employees engage in all processes relating to the use of legacy systems and enterprise level applications, including CRM and SAP.  Companies that hear about us can immediately understand how the process can help them dissolve problems they are experiencing every day.  In each case, employees can be trained less and supported more, ensuring business results are achieved in a much more efficient way.”

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New Wave Learning specialises in the provision of informal learning solutions. Its product portfolio combined with expert consultancy and professional services enable organisations to develop and deliver solutions that provide ‘moment-of-need’ knowledge & information. 
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