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This week’s news in brief

Tribunal taskforce

Trade & Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt last week set up an
employment tribunal taskforce to advise on the reform of the system. The
taskforce will examine the need for investment, improved communication and the
use of the Internet to improve efficiency.

The taskforce will make recommendations to Hewitt and the Lord Chancellor.  www.dti.gov.uk

Sept 11 hits tourism

More than a million workers in the European hotel and tourism industry could
lose their jobs as a direct result of the 11 September attacks, claims the
International Labour Organisation. It estimates that a 10 per cent reduction in
global tourism would result in 8.8 million people losing their jobs worldwide.  www.ilo.org

CEOs’ hefty pay rises

Chief executives received pay increases of more than 25 per cent over the
past year, according to Incomes Data Services. A CEO in the City now earns on
average £960,000, compared to £570,000 for other directors. Research by Incomes
Data Services, which polled 2,000 directors, shows that FTSE 100 companies
increase CEO pay by over 18 per cent.  www.incomesdata.co.uk

Ailing online recruiter

StepStone, the Norway-based online recruitment agency, will cut more than
525 jobs from its 876-strong workforce and has told its UK subsidiary that it
will no longer support it financially. "In the UK, the company will be put
into liquidation," a spokesperson said. The company will focus on Belgium,
Denmark and Germany – its three most successful markets.  www.stepstone.co.uk

Action over violence

The Work & Pensions Secretary has promised Benefit Agency staff a
zero-tolerance approach to violent behaviour in a bid to avert strike action.
The PCS union is balloting over 60,000 members on strike action this week over
the removal of protective screens for staff. Currently 2,300 employees are on
strike. www.pcs.org.uk

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