In the headlines for all the wrong reasons

It’s oddly fitting that football-related cases should grab so many of the employment law headlines this summer.

First, there was the Ashley Cole ‘tapping up’ case, which sounds a warning to anyone thinking of poaching a rising star from another employer. Then former Football Association PA Faria Alam’s allegations of constructive dismissal before an employment tribunal took centre stage.

What perfect employment law cases for the summer: both cases strike a populist chord, and make entertaining reading at the beach – even though truly serious matters lie at the core of both issues.

That populist theme also runs through the heart of our cover story this month, on the potential impact of 24-hour accessibility to alcohol that looms over autumn’s horizon. Not only will pub neighbours have to deal with the fall-out; so will employers in every sector.

Employers must take the initiative to develop and adapt their ‘alcohol in the workplace’ policies – or create them if they don’t already exist – to prevent those hangovers from spilling into the work environment.

Taking the time to work such policies now will also send a firm message in advance to employees that just because they will be able to drink around the clock, doing so may not be such a great idea.

Employers’ Law will take an August break. Be sure to join us again in September.

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