Single union for courts staff

The PCS union has officially merged with the Association of Magisterial Officers (AMO) to create “one unified voice” for courts staff.

The merger sees AMO’s 7,500 members merge with PCS’s 7,000 courts service members and mirrors the government’s decision to combine the administration of Crown and County Courts with the Magistrate’s Courts.

The PCS is the UK’s largest civil service union representing more than 320,000 members in government departments and agencies as well as workers in parts of government transferred to the private sector.

Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, said: “By AMO and PCS merging and working together members in the justice system will have a stronger voice in fighting low pay, job cuts and in defending our pensions and promoting equality.”

Rosie Eagleson, AMO general secretary, said: “Through our combined strength we can ensure that we continue to represent our membersÕ interests with one powerful and influential voice.”

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