Innocent’s business approach inspires leaders to adopt new ways of working

Organisations should open their eyes to new ways of engaging, valuing and leading their people if they want to compete for talent and achieve success in their markets. That’s the message in a new video-based resource from Video Arts which highlights the lessons leaders can learn from the unconventional way of working that has brought international success to Innocent, the UK and Europe’s favourite smoothie brand.

Called Innocent Success, the new resource describes the innovative approaches to recruitment, induction, leadership, communication, development and engagement that have enabled Innocent to grow from a start-up in 1998 to a £100 million company with an 80 per cent share of the UK market.

Designed primarily to help leaders and managers adopt a new mindset for business success, the programme can also be used in induction, culture change, communications and team-based training.

“Innocent has brought out the best in its people by adopting a very different business approach,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “This is an inspirational and thought-provoking programme that highlights the factors behind this company’s success. It challenges leaders and organisations to review the way they operate and to compare and contrast their own approaches to those adopted by Innocent.”

Using soundbites from Innocent employees, Innocent Success describes how the company has shaped an informal, supportive and fun work environment and created an authentic culture of trust and respect, based on core values.

The programme explains how Innocent recruits energetic, enthusiastic and passionate people and how it motivates, engages and empowers them to work with freedom and autonomy.

It illustrates the relaxed leadership style at Innocent and shows how the company has avoided internal silos being created. It also describes how communication is undertaken across the business and how they instigate lively and enjoyable team meetings.

“The programme highlights why Innocent is such an attractive and engaging work environment, particularly for Generation Y employees,” said Martin Addison. “There are clear lessons for other organisations on recruitment, induction, leadership, communication and development. Innocent is a role model for a completely different way of working.”

Produced in association with Fresh Tracks, a specialist learning development company, Innocent Success is a 15-minute film, available as a digital rental or as part of Video Arts Digital Library. Licences start from £95. It comes with a Trainer’s Guide featuring icebreakers, energisers and learning exercises.

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