Integrating new HR software with existing systems

HR software is often purchased independently of other systems. Here we look at the importance of ensuring you optimise for your other software systems.

Many UK organisations purchase HR software and payroll software quite separately from other business applications.

However, integrating HR and payroll software into a single solution, and integrating that with systems such as finance and production, can massively increase the value of your human resources software.

Star and Oracle

UK-based internet service provider Star uses Oracle software for HR. This software is integrated with Oracle finance, sales and customer service applications, explains Star HR director Mina Kumari.

“It means we have a single, unified, consistent platform for all business processes, which makes it easier to create consistent information, and to gather information effectively,” she says.

London Borough of Southwark and Aquire

This consistency of information was a key factor in the decision to use Aquire’s OrgPublisher to give staff at the London Borough of Southwark updated, accurate HR information from its SAP software, says Keith James, principal SAP HR and payroll officer at the council. “Making SAP information available across multiple systems led to overall improvements in both data accuracy and productivity,” says James.

With an integrated payroll and HR software system, employees didn’t have to extract data from the HR system to re-enter it into payroll – meaning one less opportunity for things to go wrong, James adds.

IBM and Taleo

Being able to automatically share data between HR and other business functions is a significant benefit for IBM, which has integrated its HR applications with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that runs the company’s core functions.

“We’ve integrated Taleo HR and talent management software with ERP and third-party applications, which means we can input and recruit critical information in one place,” says Chris Scowden, global delivery leader with IBM’s recruitment team.

“It’s hugely important because it eliminates the need for visiting multiple sites and applications to capture data, which can now be stored in a single, central repository.”

Training and intergration

Having a single application with a consistent look and feel makes training easier and can also increase adoption of new HR software systems, adds Mark Pavlika, a director at HR consultancy Principal Strategy.

“If you can integrate HR software with other applications it’s more likely to be used, as people see one coherent system,” he says.

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