International briefs: CNN axes 400 as it streamlines web services

cable news channel CNN announced last week that it is to axe nearly 10 per cent
of its workforce. The 400 jobs are believed to from its interactive unit, which
includes and CNN plans to incorporate its news websites into
the television channel, a strategy used commonly by media companies to cut

to cut 2,500 manufacturing jobs

phone and computer chip company Motorola is to stop manufacturing at its
harvard plant in Illinois in North America. About 2,500 jobs will go within the
next six months as part of the company’s long-term strategy to improve
efficiency and financial performance.

2,500 employees will continue to work at the plant in the customer service
department. Motorola has lost market share to Nokia.

Renault extends Euro works council globally

the French-based car manufacturer is to extend its European works council to a
global council. Employee representatives from its operations in Brazil,
Argentina, Romania and South Korea will join European representatives on the
global works council. The entire council will meet once a year to consider the
group’s consolidated accounts. The global council will be supported by a
secretariat of one full-time member of staff and seven part-timers.

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