IT fails to grab PC-fan school girls

Schoolgirls are excited about computers and technology, yet are still being deterred from pursuing IT careers, research reveals.

A survey of 1,112 girls aged 11-18 across the UK, by research firm Tickbox, reveals that despite a decline in the number of women in IT, 76% claim to be very interested in computers.

However, a majority of girls are either unsure if they would want a career in IT (34%) or wouldn’t consider a job in IT (43%), the Toshiba commissioned survey shows.

This may be because the majority believe that working in IT involves administrative or office work. More than half (58%) said would be more interested in better marketed career paths, such as media studies, creative arts or business.

“We should be taking advantage of the fact that schoolgirls find technology interesting and exciting,” said Sandra Smith, head of information systems at Toshiba.

“The public and private sector must work together to ensure equal opportunities for young people and to more effectively market IT as an exciting and rewarding career to young people.”

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