Small firms enter into the Christmas spirit

Small private sector companies are more likely to provide a gift at Christmas or organise a party than larger employers, according to findings from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) annual Reward Management survey.

Three-quarters of firms employing up to 49 staff pay for a Christmas party, while 13% provide a gift. By contrast, only two-fifths of companies employing more than 5,000 staff provide for a party and just 2% give a gift.

The full survey is due to be launched at the annual Reward Conference, on the 8 February 2006, and looks at reward management practices within organisations.

Charles Cotton, CIPD reward and employment conditions adviser, said: “Size is certainly something that matters when it comes to Christmas. Smaller firms are far more likely to behave like Santa and dish out presents and parties.”

The results indicate that 64% of employers meet the majority or most of the cost of a Christmas party or lunch. However, only 13% now provide a Christmas gift such as a hamper or vouchers.

The survey highlights differences between various sectors:

  • Private sector service employers are the most generous with 82% likely to provide a Christmas party or lunch.

  • 71% of the manufacturing and production companies provide a Christmas party or lunch.

  • 66% of voluntary sector organisations provide a Christmas party or lunch.

  • Only 21% of public sector employers provide a party or lunch.

  • Manufacturing and production companies are more likely to provide a gift, with 21% doing so.

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