IT more vital than the phone, teenagers say

next generation of employees are computer-literate but lack good interpersonal

Future Generation Internet Survey, published by business advisors KPMG, reveals
that 17- and 18-year-olds think that computers are more important than
telephones when starting their careers.

McAllen, director of KPMG’s e-business centre of excellence, claims that recent
technological communication advances mean that while young people are
computer-literate they lack the more traditional face-to-face skills.

increasing use of e-mail and the popularity of text messaging between mobile
phones by young people means that while they are more computer-friendly than
previous generations their interpersonal skills are not fully developed,”
explained McAllen.

challenge for HR professions is twofold – an Internet strategy to attract the
best and a corporate strategy to retain the best. To do this they will have to
invest significantly in communication training courses.”

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