IT services firm saves £1m with online self-service HR

Wipro’s introduction of an online self-service HR system has saved the IT
services firm about £1m a year.

The company had suffered from slow HR processes and poor internal
communications due to the problems involved in co-ordinating and administering
12,000 staff across 10 countries.

The new system includes the online company induction, e-learning, appraisals,
annual leave and personal employment details, and an employee chat room.

Its biggest success, however, is the online expense process that has reduced
the average time it takes for staff to receive payment from 21 to two days.

Pratik Kumar, vice-president of HR at Wipro, said the improvements were
possible because

e-technology has made it much easier and faster to administer expenses
claims produced in different parts of the world.

"Before it was a very labour and paper-intensive process which was all signed
off from India, which was not too bad if you worked at the head office. But the
majority of staff are based all over the place so expense claims had to travel
across the world," he said.

The move benefited the organisation’s bottom line by significantly reducing
postal costs, while cutting the support staff headcount in the expanding

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