IT skills essential for performance

IT skills must become a top priority for HR because IT is a top priority for

David Jacobs, managing director of David Jacobs Consulting and former head
of IT at National Power, told delegates about a recent British Chamber of
Commerce report that showed IT to be the top performance-improving action made
by more than half of the companies surveyed.

He said a survey by consultancy London Economics revealed investment in IT
contributed 25 per cent a year to the UK’s output growth, and 47 per cent of
the total labour productivity growth between 1992 and 2000.

He argued IT is important to HR for transactional and strategic functions.
Employee portals save costs and enable HR to automate transaction activity, for

These can be devolved to users and managers, so HR can work on strategy.
"Portals can help open up HR – they are an agent for change," he

Jacobs highlighted retention issues specific to IT. "There needs to be
a partnership between HR and IT to help manage IT staff."

He said HR managers should recognise IT staff often have an allegiance to IT
rather than the company – and should address this by providing training and a
career ladder for IT employees.

What HR must realise about IT

-The role IT has within the business today

– IT’s involvement to enable businesses to evolve into the
businesses of tomorrow

– How IT can help HR deliver business change

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