Jelf Employee Benefits launches new full flex platform

Jelf Employee Benefits has today unveiled a new full flex platform which aims to reinvigorate the way in which Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) communicate their benefit programmes to employees. The platform will allow small- and medium-sized organisations the opportunity to access all the benefits of a flex platform, which has traditionally been the reserve of larger businesses. This has been developed over a period of 18 months alongside Vebnet, the global service provider of employee benefits solutions. The platform will be offered as a Jelf Employee Benefits solution or can be rebranded for each client.

Formerly Proposition Development Manager, Julia Turney has been appointed Head of Benefits Management to drive this project forward.  She said: “In general, the amount of investment employers make into their benefits is not communicated well at all and this is particularly acute with the smaller employers.  If benefits aren’t communicated then their investment is effectively wasted. This platform improves the communication, engagement and management of benefits, particularly for smaller employers. It is an excellent entry-level proposition for smaller employers and allows them to build up to more interactive tiers as and when their business or employees require.”

One of the key benefits of the platform for HR is that it can produce a range of management information reports making it quick and easy to determine the level and uptake of their benefits.  The system will also help HR departments control the ongoing issue of data management, making it simple to update leavers and joiners. The platform will give HR access to relevant industry news and to documentation with advice on areas such as disciplinary procedures and templates of key importance to smaller employers.  Included within this part of the package is access to an HR legal partner with an allocated amount of free support.

The platform has also been designed to appeal to employees to help them better understand both the options available to them and the added value of the benefits provided by their employer. This creates an environment where information is clearly communicated and where employees know how to find out about their benefits.

The platform has three tiers to suit the needs of all clients, from those offering benefits for the first time, through to those with more sophisticated benefit needs. It is also designed to allow transition up through the tiers.

Tier 1 – Improves engagement by allowing employees to view all benefits provided by Jelf Employee Benefits including pensions, PMI, dental cash plans, group life assurance, critical illness, income protection.  Each employee receives a retirement planner, scheme booklets and access to the intranet site.
Tier 2 – Provides all of the functionality of tier one but also allows the employer to provide personalised Total Reward Statements, clearly communicating any employer contributions. This tier also gives a more holistic view of an employee’s benefits as it can include benefits from other providers and also gives access to the company’s policies.
Tier 3 – Is a full flex platform for employers who wish their employees to be able to trade their benefits such as change their pensions contributions, buy additional PMI cover, buy and sell holiday, etc. It gives access to other voluntary benefits and shopping sites as well as providing everything included in tiers one and two.

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