Job insecurity affects four out of ten

Four out
of ten employees in manufacturing, IT, telecoms, engineering and finance feel
insecure about their jobs, according to an NOP survey.

The survey
of nearly 1,000 employees shows that job insecurity increases with age. A third
of the 44 to 55 year olds are concerned about the continuance of their job,
while only a fifth of 16 to 24 year olds are worried.

Wijsmuller, managing director of on-line recruiters New Monday, which
commissioned the poll, said, “The current economic climate is affecting workers
of all ages and in all sectors and the survey reveals high levels of job
insecurity amongst the UK’s working population.

companies need to take a longer-term view of performance, instead of hoping to
solve short-term problems with a swathe of redundancies. This stop-go approach
only serves to increase job insecurity and therefore stress, leading to less
productive workers. It is also of little benefit to companies, who then need to
re-staff and re-train when market conditions improve.”

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