Jobcentre staff to visit long-term unemployed at home

The long-term unemployed are to receive home visits from Jobcentre advisers to help them find work.

Under government plans to reduce the numbers receiving jobseeker’s allowance, work and pensions minister Helen Goodman is set to announce plans today to send Jobcentre Plus outreach advisers into 16 of Britain’s black spots for unemployment, to offer expert support about seeking work.

Those who are unemployed and living in these areas will be given job advice at community centres, GP surgeries and even in their own homes, the Guardian reported.

Goodman said: “We know that most people want to work, but for a small minority of people not working has become an accepted way of life.

“We will be taking our services out of the Jobcentre and into the community in a number of deprived estates.”

Under the plan, each team of Jobcentre Plus advisers will be told to target 1,000 people. They will focus on families where claimants have lost touch with the labour market and where successive generations have been out of work.

The claimant count measure of unemployment currently stands at just over 1.6m.

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