Jobs boom likely despite threat to existing workforce

public sector is set to create 250,000 more frontline jobs in the next few
years in health, education and the police.

focus will be on delivering stronger customer service by recruiting for
hands-on roles such as teaching assistants and community service officers at
the expense of cuts in administrative civil service posts.

Kane, director of local government programmes at the Office of Public Service
Reform, told HR professionals at the Public Sector Relocation Conference that
they need to acquire analytical planning and strategic skills if they are to
deliver changes to the workforce by 2008.

about less one size fits all and more about meeting individual needs," he
said.  "We have to recruit a diverse
workforce to handle diverse expectations."

claimed the main reasons for people leaving the public sector were bureaucracy,
a lack of resources and workload. 

future, he said, was more about reforming the workforce with a strategic
approach to working with partners, leadership, recruitment, retention, reward,
customer outcomes and re-engineering skills.

Workforce planning: Tips for success

Accurate data – numbers, skills, potential

Understand future challenge to the organisation

Set sensible three- to five-year timescales

Be comprehensive and strategic

Get high level ownership – not just about HR

Co-ordinate HR processes – decide what sort of employer you are

Make your sector an attractive employment proposition

Ensure workforce performance is good

Be flexible

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