Join the clamour for annual idiot cull

It’s been a while since Guru indulged in any good old-fashioned philanthropy – aside from gifts for his good self (charity begins at home, remember). While sitting in the uppermost reaches of his ivory tower in a moment of quiet contemplation, he wondered how he might benefit his dear disciples en masse.

Then, with a deafening ping, an e-mail from disciple Caroline tip-toed into his inbox. Have a read and then heed the call…

Dear Guru,

After a particularly trying time with employees these past few weeks, I would like to suggest the following change to employment law.

Every year, for each, say, 100 staff you have, you are allowed to dismiss, without penalty or retribution, one employee. Not just willy-nilly, but the one who is a complete pain the one you should never have employed the one who takes up more management time than all the others in that department put together the one that, no matter what, you get that horrible sinking feeling whenever they ring you.

We in HR have to jump through soooo many hoops. Let us have our day, just oncea year.


Disciple Caroline

So here’s the plan: e-mail Guru and pledge your support for the Amazing (day of) Grace campaign, and if he gets a suitable amount of replies (say 500 plus), then he pledges to take it to the Department for Work and Pensions and hand it in with suitable fanfare.

This is your chance to make a difference. So just e-mail and let’s make history. All your details will be held in strictest confidence.

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