Judge says deities are short-changed

Religious discrimination seems all the rage at the moment, but Guru is yet to find a more unreasonable case than that of Philippino judge, Florentino Floro, who was sacked for consulting ‘mystic dwarves’ who allowed him to see into
the future.

Floro claimed a trio of vertically-challenged fairy godfathers – Armand, Luis and Angel – aided his decision-making in court proceedings.

He was sacked after an investigation found him incompetent and guilty of bias. The ex-judge has demanded his job back, saying: “They should not have dismissed me for what I believed.”

Bearing in mind Gods are by their very nature intangible, who’s to say our destiny isn’t actually in the hands of a commune of Deities of Restricted Growth? Guru challenges you to offer evidence to the contrary.

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