Kenexa unveils next generation performance management suite

Kenexa (NASDAQ:KNXA), a global provider of business solutions for human resources, today announced the launch of Kenexa 2x PerformTM, which provides integrated, enterprise-class performance management, succession and compensation planning tools to drive organisational alignment and ensure top performers are retained and engaged. 

Built on the Kenexa 2x platform, the new solution complements Kenexa’s other integrated talent management solutions (i.e. recruiting and onboarding) by automating and integrating goals, appraisals, compensation, competencies, development, career path and succession planning. 

The web-based Kenexa 2x Perform ensures that companies have all valuable talent information in one place to enable quick, informed decisions that positively impact business outcomes. In addition, with targeted development plans and career paths that are aligned with both individual and organisational goals, Kenexa 2x Perform identifies high potentials and top performers early, ensuring sustainable high engagement and performance across an organisation. 

“Providing a solution that integrates functions and data that traditionally have been siloed, means businesses can achieve greater efficiency, enabling maximised performance and results,” said Eric Lochner, Kenexa’s President of Global Talent Management. “What’s more, the solution leverages talent data and tools to help companies achieve greater flexibility and better plan for future growth.”

With a strategic reward system in place, including pay for performance, Kenexa 2x Perform ensures that individuals are recognised and compensated appropriately, which promotes higher levels of engagement and retention while adhering to budget restrictions. The solution also increases manager effectiveness by arming managers with the tools and skills needed to inspire, motivate and manage performance. The ‘unified talent record’ enables data sharing across the organisation and across applications, allowing for the organisation-wide analysis of talent inventory and current and future competency gaps. 

Kenexa 2x Perform is available now for annual subscription. For more information, visit

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