King Sturge deploys Mediaburst’s business continuity tool across Europe

Fifty offices in UK and mainland Europe now business-continuity ready

Mobile marketing leader Mediaburst today announces that property consultants King Sturge LLP has deployed Mediaburst’s Business Continuity (BC) tool across 50 offices in Britain and mainland Europe.

The web-based tool enables King Sturge to resolve a weakness in communicating with staff across these offices in the event that it has to invoke business continuity plans at one of the locations.

The ability to use Mediaburst’s BC tool from any location at anytime to communicate to all offices or just one was also central to King Sturge’s decision to adopt the solution.

“Mediaburst’s Business Continuity tool is the perfect business continuity product for any business with multi-site operations,” says Adam Collins, King Sturge’s group telecoms manager. “It is exactly what King Sturge wanted to make its offices business-continuity ready, is easy to deploy and great value for money, and Mediaburst’s ongoing support is second to none.”

All businesses face a common problem during emergencies be they floods, fires, bomb incidents, or otherwise.  Phone lines will be come congested and people will be difficult to contact.

As text messages do not rely on voice channels for transmission, they don’t piggyback on enterprise mail servers and travel as small packets of data on a wireless carrier’s control channel – the same portion of the spectrum that keeps a mobile network appraised of a particular phone’s location and status.

Being isolated in the control channel, SMS messages are therefore usually unaffected by heavy traffic or adverse conditions that overwhelm wireless networks.

Following the successful deployment of Mediaburst’s BC tool across 50 offices, King Sturge plans to extend its business relationship with Mediaburst using its award-winning text messaging services to engage and interact with delegates and exhibitors at European property shows and exhibitions.

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