Labour calls for cash fall on deaf ears at GMB union

GMB union’s central executive committee today voted to turn down the chance to
donate an extra £744,000 to help fund the Labour Party’s general election

the GMB’s executive has voted to fund only those Labour MPs who ‘share the
GMB’s aims and values’.

GMB is the latest in a line of unions to reject the overtures from the Labour

union’s members will now draw up a list of MPs who share the union’s aims and
values and the union’s political committee will then consider how best to help
return these MPs on a case-by-case basis.

GMB also announced that this support could be extended to any Labour MP who
shares the union’s aims and values, and would not be exclusive to those MPs who
are members of the 130-strong GMB group.

general secretary Kevin Curran said: "GMB members have today made it
abundantly clear that they expect the Government to address their concerns on a
wide range of issues such as the two-tier workforce, compulsory pensions and
manufacturing job losses.”

By Michael Millar

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