Lack of dress down days curbs creativity

are stifling workplace creativity by keeping staff trapped in the office and in
formal clothing, new research claims.

over 83 per cent of staff claim that a creative environment leads to business
success, just 3 per cent find it easy to be imaginative working at a desk.

than half (61 per cent) of those surveyed by training consultants Right Track
said that a more liberal dress code would encourage creativity, while 45 per
cent said an open plan office was more inspirational.

majority of employees in the survey felt creativity had a positive influence on
the workplace and more than half (54 per cent) said it also improved

Billings, a consultant at Right Track, said organisations should look at ways
of promoting creativity in the workplace: "There are many ways to enhance
creativity in the workplace – both physical in terms of creating a conductive
environment and culturally by creating business structures which reward creativity,"
he said.

survey questioned 109 office workers from a variety of sectors.

By Ross Wigham

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