Lack of leaders ensures global HR never sleeps

Developing good leaders is not just a headache for the UK – it is the number one problem keeping HR professionals around the world awake at night, according to research.

A survey of 500 HR professionals from around the world by The Ken Blanchard Companies found that 58% of respondents regarded developing potential leaders as their toughest challenge.

However, while the UK struggles with a large skills gap, only 39% of those surveyed for the annual Business Issues Survey said this was a problem.

Instead competitive pressure topped the list of organisational business issues, with 63% of those polled saying this was their biggest challenge.

Creating an engaged workforce only came in fourth in the list of HR management challenges.

The Ken Blanchard survey reflects recent research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which found that two-thirds of UK organisations suffered from a shortage of effective leaders.

Jessica Jarvis, CIPD training and development adviser, said training alone would not solve the problem, but should be combined with a development programme that sets clear objectives in line with business requirements. “Employers should monitor the development of their managers and involve other staff in providing constructive feedback,” she said.

What keeps HR awake at night?

Management challenges

  1. Developing potential leaders
  2. Selecting and retaining key talent
  3. Reducing costs
  4. Creating an engaged workforce
  5. Customer loyalty

Employee development challenges

  1. First line manager/superviser skills
  2. Customer relationship skills
  3. Interpersonal communication skills
  4. Team-building skills
  5. Executive development

Organisational business issues

  1. Competitive pressure
  2. Skill shortages
  3. Pricing pressure
  4. Changing technology
  5. Government regulations

Source: The Ken Blanchard Companies Business Issues Survey

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