Lack of sex keeps stress levels high for male bosses

your boss is male, short-tempered and stressed, the chances are that he is
lacking bedroom action. If your boss is female, short-tempered and stressed,
the chances are that she is having a financial, rather than sexual slump,
according to a new survey.

recent YouGov survey, commissioned by Lipovitan Drinks, reveals that men list
‘lack of sex’ as a key contributor to their overall work stress levels. Almost
half (40 per cent) of men cite lack of activity in the bedroom as a key
contributor to office stress levels compared to only one in 10 women.

research also discovered that while females (57 per cent) are more stressed
than their male counterparts (52 per cent), on an average week day, they have a
myriad of stress-busting activities, which they prioritise above sex. These
include smoking, drinking, reading, playing computer games or having a relaxing

being inconsiderate’ was cited as one of the biggest issues for both men and
women in contributing to their stress levels at work and came before the more
typical issues such as meeting deadlines, traffic and pressures from the boss.

common issues such as commuting, a competitive environment and e-mail, which
usually get blamed for increased stress levels, featured at the bottom on the
priority list according to respondents.

By Michael Millar

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