Late cancellations hit independent trainers hard

Independent trainers are getting the short straw when it comes to course cancellations.

That is the view of independent trainer organisation TrainerBase,which said it is learning of more and more cases of trainers being short-changed by short-notice cancellations. TrainerBase founder Peter Mayes said he has recently come across clients who insist on a three-day cancellation policy.

“This is an outrageously short period and gives no consideration to the viability of the independent trainer’s business. One member’s client, who was running a major programme for a public sector organisation, had booked 10 days’ training in one particular month.

“Of this, 70% was cancelled and only one day was within the cancellation period.”

But he admitted that it is hard for independents to turn down work from serial cancellers. “My members – TrainerBase has 5,000 – know that these purchasers will just find some other poor contractor and do the same thing to them.”

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