Latest NHS recruitment campaign most successful ever

new national advertising campaign for the NHS, launched in March, has been the
most successful to date, according to government figures.

published by the Department of Health today show that more than 94,000 people
contacted the NHS Careers response line over the 11-week period of the campaign
from 1 March to 16 May. This is a 17 per cent increase on last year’s results.

minister John Hutton said the NHS was becoming an increasingly attractive
option for thousands of people who were just starting their careers, as well as
returners, and people looking for a change of career later in life.

addition of the new NHS in-house web-based recruitment job site is also proving
invaluable by offering visitors information about immediate vacancies that they
can apply for online,” he said.

campaign theme, ‘Join the team and make a difference’, shifted the focus
away  from the work of the NHS in acute,
hospital-based scenarios, to community-based management of chronic conditions.

By Michael Millar

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