Law changes set to shake-up British industry

changes unveiled today in the Queen’s Speech are set to alter employment in
many sectors.

changes include:

Licensing laws are to be relaxed – a move which could see pubs open 24-hours a
day, and see employment in the sector increased.

Restrictions are to be introduced on how much pilots and sailors can drink
before working. A Transport Safety Bill will give the police powers to stop
aviation and maritime staff if they have "reasonable suspicion" that
they have been drinking or taking drugs.

Proposals on reforming the welfare system to give greater emphasis to the
importance of work.

Foundation Hospitals will be freed from Whitehall control and allowed to borrow
independently under guidelines laid down by an independent monitor. NHS trusts
which are granted Foundation Hospital status are designed to have the freedom
to opt-out of government guidelines and to set their own clinical and financial

There will be reforms on railway safety, setting up a new Railway Accident
Investigation Branch.

Another Bill is expected to ban British companies from offering bribes to
foreign officials to win lucrative contracts – even if the act was committed
outside the UK. The rules could even outlaw excessive corporate hospitality.

By Quentin Reade

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