Lawyers warn employers to prepare for age discrimination laws

Employers cannot afford to be complacent in preparing for forthcoming age discrimination laws, lawyers have warned.

The legislation, due to be enforced in October of this year, is the most important development in UK employment law in a generation, according to Adam Turner, employment lawyer at Lovells.

“It would be dangerous for employers to be complacent,” he said. “The age regulations will affect every stage of the employment relationship life-cycle, from recruitment through to termination. In many instances, they may require a complete shift in mindset when it comes to workplace practices and policies.”

The government has denied suggestions that the new laws would be delayed until December and claimed that the guidance would be ready by spring.

But Turner said this was no excuse for delaying preparations.

“We already know the main framework of the new requirements, as the government published draft regulations last July. Any ‘last minute surprises’ in the final version can be dealt with when they are put on the statute books shortly,” he said.

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