learndirect case study: Tesco Customer Service Centre

Tesco customer service centre

The partnership between learndirect and Tesco Customer Service Centre (CSC), Dundee began back in April 2010 after a ‘one-off’ large employer funding initiative awarded by Skills Development Scotland (SDS). It was a large contract in Scotland, with Tesco submitting the names of 221 staff keen to complete a modern Apprenticeship.
learndirect assigned dedicated assessors for this partnership to ensure continuity and a thorough understanding of client needs and expectations. This approach ensured the partnership was more efficient for Tesco and the learners themselves. The high levels of learner enthusiasm and commitment secured continued dedication from assessors, greatly enhancing their own working experience as well as that of the Tesco learners.
Contract review meetings and monthly client reports continue so both parties can track learner successes and make changes where necessary. The partnership also jointly explores the viability of new funding opportunities.
Tangible business benefits include: increased productivity improved teamwork enhanced learner confidence easier recognition of ability and potential reduced staff attrition and staff turnover reduced absence rates from apprentices
These benefits helped reinforce the value of the programme and secured investment and commitment from all those involved. Interest remains strong and joint opportunities are being explored to support young people into employment, in line with a joint commitment towards supporting local communities and forward planning for future generations.
An example of shared objectives has been the support for Tesco CSC ‘Home Workers’ project. Webcam technologies are being explored to gain the required qualification evidence, even though learners are working from home. learndirect will continue to support and develop this growth area in line with Tesco’s flexible working solutions, enhancing home workers’ experience and providing equal opportunities for this satellite team.

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