Legal profession still favours the men

legal professionals feel they have to work much harder than their male
counterparts to achieve the same status, according to the findings of a new

a result, many female lawyers believe employers should introduce specific
benefits to recognise the unique challenges faced by women.

than 70 per cent of female solicitors questioned in the survey, carried out by
selection firm Macildowie Bates, felt they had to work harder and cited family
commitments as an obstacle to climbing the career ladder.

the measures that could help improve the situation, 42 per cent advocated more
career breaks to allow for pregnancy, 44 per cent called for more flexible
hours, and 34 per cent wanted better childcare assistance from employers.

many respondents believe that equality is improving across the sector, with 68
per cent agreeing that their promotion prospects were equal to male colleagues.
In addition, two-thirds said they were experiencing the same career
opportunities and overall reward package as men.

By Ross Wigham

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