Legislative bodies agree to work together

The three European bodies responsible for introducing new legislation have
agreed to work more closely in a bid to make regulations easier for employers
to work with.

The European Parliament, European Commission and European Council are
expected to sign a new agreement promising to streamline the decision-making
process and improve the way new laws are developed and put in place

Patrick Cox, president of the European Parliament, said all three bodies
needed to improve their working relationships with each other and businesses.

"By the end of the Italian presidency, we hope to have completed the
agreement that will see us working closely together to improve the process of
regulation-making," he said.

He said the new approach would require more input from employers and he
hoped the EU could develop a better relationship with business.

"We want better regulation and better impact assessment of the laws we
do introduce. To do this, we need a better relationship with business," he

With European legislation representing half of all new laws affecting
organisations, the deal could give employers a key voice in future workplace

Cox said the deal could lead to a lighter touch when implementing new
legislation because business would have been more involved in the process.

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