Union publishes guide to race equality at work

Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) has published a guide to help
employers develop better race equality at work.

guide includes step-by-step instructions for dealing with complaints of race
discrimination, a summary of the law on race, how to negotiate a joint approach
to combat racial discrimination, along with guidance on equality audits,
religious and cultural needs, and recruitment and selection tips.

Cork-Hurst, T&G national secretary for equalities, said: “The Race
Relations Act has been in place since 1976 and yet we are seeing more and more
cases of race discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Our members and
representatives need every support in ensuring that race equality is promoted.

Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 has widened the opportunities to protect
our public sector members and to actively promote race equality. However, all
our members, representatives and officers must be part of making all race law a

By Quentin Reade


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