Let’s all encourage passion at work

Taylor advises companies to encourage staff input to ensure levels of
motivation are kept high

a dynamic, motivated culture is a high priority within an e-commerce company. It
requires making sure everyone involved is clear about their purpose, and how
they can directly contribute to success. Are all of your people focused on a
common, compelling goal?

is amazing how often leaders resort to being managers in times of difficulties
– when they should be doing the reverse. Outstanding leaders shine through
during hard times when visibility, encouragement and strong belief are so
important. As an HR leader, what are you doing to ensure consistent visibility?

is also key – at all levels. Despite the downturn in e-commerce, good people
are still in huge demand, and too many young companies panic instead of calmly
confronting issues. Are you ensuring that an open approach, prevalent at the
start, is still present?


truth is plain to see, and it will be this truth that decides which Internet
companies will fail, and which soar. It is time for all companies to release
and focus on the belief, energy and passion of their people.

HR director recently told me that when people join an e-commerce company, they
do so based on their skills, abilities and what they can do, and when they
leave they do so because of something connected to the sort of person they are.
If they are made redundant it is because of their personality and inability to
get along with others, if they resign it is because of an inner ambition

final, but important, point. How many of our decisions as human beings are
based more on emotion than reason? According to many experts in the field of
human potential, the figure is 100 per cent. A staggering figure, I think you
will agree.

I first heard this, I had my doubts. However, I have since become convinced
that emotions do indeed play a huge part in all aspects of our lives.

the heady worlds of e-commerce, the Internet and technology, appreciation of
this would bring far more certainty – and success – and HR leaders working in
these companies can take a strong lead.


logical people will tell us that we only make emotional decisions outside of
work, and that while at work people revert to making decisions based on the
right thing to do – on logical conclusions.

we all leave home in the morning and, as we say goodbye to our partners,
children and cats, we hang up our personalities and feelings on the coat-rack,
never to wear them again until we return.

minds and spirits are the key to e-commerce success. Commitment is a feeling
that comes from deep within, and an unstoppable team is capable of overcoming
any obstacles, and rising to any challenge.

can be done through cultural transformation, visible leadership, open
communication and clear, concise visions that everyone can really buy into.

Taylor is president of the association of IT directors, Certus: david.taylor@dtaltd.co.uk

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