Levi workers accept exceptional severance package

at Levi Strauss’s two Scottish plants have accepted a severance package that is
‘second to none’ in the textile and clothing industry, the GMB says.

production centres at Dundee and at Bellshill in Lanarkshire are to close next

Scotland senior organiser in the clothing and textile section, Ian King, said
the union had fought to keep the plants open, but a report produced by
Professor Robert van der Meer, of Strathclyde University’s Business School, had
made it plain this was not feasible.

stressed that currency exchange rates were the deciding factor in the company’s
decision – not poor workforce performance. He said there had been overwhelming
acceptance of the company’s severance deal by the workforce.

agreement is the same for workers at both plants. It’s now a done deal at both
and we have been able to negotiate a significant package for our members.”

said Levis has ordered a payout substantially higher than is required by law,
and is also paying out the full year’s holiday requirement and other fringe

a really good deal and we expect some members to receive more than £30,000.

workforce has been consulted all along the line. The talks have now reached a
satisfactory conclusion and we have secured a severance pay settlement deal
second to none in the clothing and textile manufacturing industry in Scotland.”

our energies were devoted to getting the best deal possible for our members. We
have now done that.”

By Quentin Reade

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