Union condemns BP job cuts

Transport and General Workers’ Union has condemned BP after the company cut 500
jobs in its North Sea operations, a week after reports the chief executive
received a pay rise of 47 per cent last year.

Scotland’s regional secretary, Andy Baird, said: "The announcement is a
massive blow to the workforce and to the North East economy, already reeling
from a series of major job cuts announced by manufacturing companies in

think in the current economic climate and in light of the problems facing the
manufacturing industry in the UK, there is a real need for employers to act in
a responsible manner.

week, it was revealed that BP’s chief executive received a massive pay rise,
brining his total pay for the year to £7m and it was also reported that £65m
went to BP executives last year.

is a bitter blow that the company has announced that 500 workers, who earn
substantially less than BP bosses, are to lose their jobs, just a week after
figures such as these are announced."

By Quentin Reade

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