Livingstone in equality pledge

London mayoral favourite Ken Livingstone has said he will recruit more
ethnic minority police officers and boost nursing staff in the capital if
elected this week.

In his election manifesto Livingstone states he will take a "personal
lead" in recruiting and retaining more ethnic minority officers.

To achieve this he will set up a task force involving lay advisers,
community organisations, the Black Police Association, the Employment Service
and education and training providers.

He also proposes developing a new London-wide strategy to recruit nurses and
provide the new recruits with affordable accommodation.

The left-wing MP says, if elected, he will recruit 2,000 extra police
officers and call for a pay review and London weighting.

The former leader of the GLC is standing as an independent candidate.

The three other main mayoral candidates also have policies aimed at boosting
the number of police officers in London.

Frank Dobson (Labour) has pledged to: set up a task force to address black
and Asian unemployment; work in partnership with business and the public sector
to create 100,000 jobs for Londoners and tackle skills shortages.

Susan Kramer (Lib Dem) is to: press the Met through recruitment and
reorganisation to double the number of officers on the beat in four years and
require the London Development Agency to work with business and the voluntary
sector to meet the skills gap.

Steve Norris (Conservative) will: use the economic regeneration budget to
work with the new Learning and Skills Councils to gain training for the

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