Lloyds invests in scheme to find leaders of future

TSB has launched a scheme to identify the future leaders of the company.

Top Management Resource scheme (TMR) will be available to 12,000 managers
across the group.

at a seminar organised by Linkage last week, Phil Dale, senior manager of
career management at Lloyds TSB, explained that the scheme is aimed at
identifying and retaining the bank’s top management staff.

candidates have to fill in an application pack that is assessed against Lloyds
TSB management skills criteria.

on the scheme candidates have to pass three levels of assessment, including
problem-solving business case studies, psychometric testing and presentation

candidates have a full-day assessment and an interview with a senior line
manager who is performing a role that they aspire to.

scheme was first launched in the retail banking division in June last year.

the 2,800 Lloyds TSB managers that were eligible to apply for a position on the
scheme, 543 applied. More than 10 per cent qualified.

said, "The City demands a lot from us and we are answerable to them. This
was a clear move to retain the most talented people and part of our succession
management strategy."

who are unsuccessful can reapply. Successful managers go on to be assessed
annually by directors and receive special training.

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