Local authorities list top four causes of sickness

The four most common reasons for sickness absence among local authority staff are viral infections, stress, muscular problems and recovering from surgery, according to the seventh annual Employers’ Organisation survey published today.

The Employers’ Organisation found that although stress is an important reason for sickness absence among council staff, it is not the whole picture. For the first time it asked 212 authorities in England the cause of the sickness.

Peter Norris, principal researcher at the Employers’ Organisation, said: “The variety of reasons for sickness absence shows that a range of management responses is required…..from this coming April, councils will have to publish a Best Value Performance Indicator on sickness absence and will be looking to reduce absence levels in pursuit of better service delivery.”

Copies of the report, Sickness absence levels in local government 1999-20000 can be found on the Employers’ Organisation website, in the What’s New category on:


by Catriona Marchant

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