Local authorities ‘must find additional £60m’ for teachers’ rises

teachers employer body claims local authorities need an extra £60m to fund a
2.9 per cent annual pay rise for teachers announced  by the Government.

Local Government Employers for School Teachers said that local councils had
budgeted for 2.5 per cent and the extra 0.4 per cent will cost an additional

Lane, chair of the body, said: “The recommendations of the School Teachers’
Review Body on pay recognise that priority needs to be given to providing
resources to reduce workload. The 2.9 per cent pay award will cause problems
for local education authorities as the Government’s assumption was for an
increase of 2.5 per cent – which leaves a shortfall of £60 million.

face a 5.15 per cent increase in employers’ contribution to pensions and a 1
per cent national insurance increase. The Government’s decision on funding will
leave at least 13 LEAs with less government grant than needed to pass on
increases to schools.

changes for pay in inner London are as bizarre as the criteria for allocating
additional grants across London. Any potential recruitment and retention
problems are not restricted to inner London.

solution will create rather than solve problems. The Government should fully
fund these recommendations.”

pay proposals are open to consultation until 7 March.

By Paul Nelson

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