Local charity up-skills managers in preparation for £2.6 million move

The Nomad Trust, a charity which provides help to homeless and vulnerable people in Lincoln, is developing the skills of its managers by joining forces with local training company Outstand.

As part of The Trust’s relocation to a purpose built £2.6 million homeless shelter, Outstand has been brought in specifically to design a training program which is equipping the managers with the skills to ensure the move is as seamless as possible and service delivery is not affected.

Brenda Shiels, Deputy Manager of the Trust said “It’s essential that we maintain productivity as we prepare for one of the biggest moves in our history. We believe that our partnership with Outstand will enhance the performance of our managers and help ensure the transition to a new site goes smoothly. The program focuses on developing our delegation and motivation skills. It also uses a psychological tool to help us understand our management styles and how to adapt our approaches to the needs of our team. The training is informative, enjoyable and worthwhile”. 

The charity has accessed funds from Leaders First, a Learning and Skills Council programme which provides grants of up to £1000. This funding has enabled Nomad to benefit from Outstands’ tailor-made training and coaching sessions.

Outstand undertakes a lot of its work with managers of charitable organisations because the  Leaders First programme has made it so easy for companies to access their services. Their client group currently ranges across Cancer Support Charities, Schools, Respite Care Providers and Disability Support groups.  

Prior to setting up Outstand, British born founders Garin Rouch and Mark Fearnley worked with large private sector organisations across Australia, China and South East Asia. Moving closer to home and setting up Outstand has enabled them to focus their attention on charitable organisations which they believe are often overlooked in the area of management development.

Co-founder Mark Fearnley said “Our success is based on taking the time to thoroughly understand the unique challenges faced by our clients. We listen, we consult, we challenge and we deliver solutions to clients in an encouraging, empowering and positive manner, all the time emphasising professionalism and open dialogue.

We are delighted with the positive feedback from the Nomad Trust management team. They really apply themselves to everything they do and are using the new approaches. We are really looking forward to supporting them through this exciting period”. 

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