Local government kicks off pay negotiations early

councils have started early discussions about next year’s annual pay claim.

first two meetings in London involving representatives from the capital’s
authorities kicked off a series of nationwide consultations looking at pay and
reward in the sector.

conclusions will form part of the newly establish independent Pay Commission’s
proposals for the future of salaries in local government.

Pay Commission is a joint body set up by employers and unions to review pay in
the sector following last year’s industrial action by council staff over the
annual pay increase.

Nolda, executive director at the Employers’ Organisation for Local Government,
said: "The Pay Commission will have a big influence on future arrangements
for pay and conditions in local government.

need to put the most persuasive possible case to the commission based on local
authorities’ needs and wishes. That is why we are consulting authorities now in
the run up to the commission’s deadline of the end of April for

By Paul Nelson

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