Local government leadership strategy launched

Employers’ Organisation for Local Government (EO) has launched a nationwide
strategy to improve leadership capacity in the sector.

The ‘Leadership
Development Strategy’ aims to provide a framework that stimulates leadership
development at all levels, putting forward priorities for action and
highlighting existing and emerging good practice.

EO chairman
Ian Swithenbank said: "Local government needs people who can make things
happen and inspire staff to consistently produce the best results for both the
organisation and the community.

need to create the political and managerial leaders of tomorrow by attracting
applicants from a wide and diverse pool of talent and by developing the skills
and capabilities of existing employees," he said.

strategy says the challenge for enabling leadership in local government is to:
• provide joint leading partnership of local politicians and managers
• ensure a strategic influence over the numerous key partnerships
• recognise the need to spot and nurture leadership from others at all levels inside
and outside the authority
• develop an adaptable mindset and culture which is responsive to the evolving
local context
• continually offer a bridging role between different people and interests.

Michael Millar

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