Local govt stuggling with strategic HR

Local authorities are struggling with strategic HR, according to an
unpublished government report.

Quantitative research involving 100 local authorities – yet to be released
by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) – highlights areas in which
councils are struggling, with strategic HR being one of the major problems.

Leadership, diversity and partnership working are also cited in the report
as problem areas for authorities.

Geoffrey Tierney, divisional manager for local government capacity and modernisation
at the ODPM, said the research does show HR is succeeding in other areas,
including team training, secondments and leadership programmes.

Tierney, commenting on the report, said it is critical that authorities get
to grips with strategic HR.

He is concerned that poor strategic HR could undermine the Government’s £27m
investment over the next financial year in building the capacity of the local
government workforce.

"Capacity is about the skills, knowledge and attitude of an
organisation. We must resist the temptation to treat people as delivery units.
Staff must be seen as the most valuable resource that is nurtured and
developed," Tierney said.

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