Logistics company cuts staff turnover

Christian Salvesen has halved its turnover of drivers since introducing a
package of measures to improve pay and conditions for its 2,800 staff in its UK
industrial division.

The logistics company slashed driver turnover from 40 per cent to 20 per
cent after putting a regional pay structure in place last year.

Steve Thomason, HR director for Christian Salvesen’s UKindustrial division,
explained, "We had a huge attrition rate among drivers and part of the
problem was our antiquated single-pay structure."

The regional pay structure is one of a series of measures in an agreement
which the company signed with the T&G union last week.

Other measures include the introduction of a bonus scheme, an enhanced role
for union representatives and greater emphasis on information and consultation.
The company has established consultation forums at national, regional and depot
level, explained Thomason.

He added, "This proves what we and the trade unions have been saying
for some years – that there is a better and more constructive way we can work
together for the good of the company and its employees. "

The company has also introduced improvements in sickness benefit and holiday

Dave Betts, managing director for Christian Salvesen in the UK added,
"This represents a major step-change on employee relations for the

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